About Geology Indonesia

Geology Indonesia is a web-based application developed by Center for Geological Survey, Geological Agency, Ministry of ESDM. Geology Indonesia is present as a commitment of Center for Geological Survey to the community to present the results of research, especially of geological information that has been done by Center for Geological Survey so far. The system was built and developed by Civil Goverment in Center for Geological Survey (PSG) since 2017 using open-source based technology. Thus, it is expected that the results of research can be accessed easily by the publics including by the Central Government, Local Government, Companies, Universities and Geological researchers especially.

The content of Geology Indonesia :

  • Stratigraphic Lexicon of Indonesia covers the geological information of Indonesia which refers to the geological map with the scale of 1: 100.000 (Java) and 1: 250.000 (Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, and Papua).
  • Geo Map includes seismotectonic map information, quarterly geological map, geomorphological map and geological map base of remote sensing with the scale 1: 50.000.
  • GRANITe (Geoheritage Resources Assessment and Inventory Techniques) includes site distribution of geodiversity and geoheritage properties in Indonesia. From the mapped sites, besides knowing the geological condition is also expected to help improve the economy of the area.
  • The Indonesian Sedimentary Basin includes surface geological information relating to the concept of petroleum and gas in each sedimentary basin that has been mapped by the Center for Geological Survey. Information of sedimentary basin include potential source rock, potential reservoir rock, potential seal or trap (currently being prepared).